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“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

Jesus, John 14:6

Recovering the
Knowledge of God

Reformation Bible College seeks to redefine what a Bible college is and can be. We believe that the only hope for our fallen world is a recovery of the knowledge of God and for His people to be ever engaged with the ideas and powers of this age. We seek to build a community of teaching and learning from which you will emerge to live a life that glorifies God, proclaims His kingdom, and fosters an ongoing reformation in your church, home, and workplace.

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Discerning Engagement
with the World

Reformation Bible College aspires to be a leader in providing education in the historic Christian faith and moral vision. Our undergraduate degree programs are specially designed to pass on the heritage of our Reformed forebears to our children and the generations that follow them. Convinced that literacy in theology and history is necessary for a mature knowledge of Scripture and a discerning engagement with the world, we focus on four areas: the content of Scripture, the system of doctrine taught in Scripture, the history of the church, and the great works of philosophy, literature, and music.

Young man sitting at a church organ.

We believe that our curriculum, with its emphasis on the coherence of biblical revelation and the Christian worldview, will give Christ’s disciples the grounding needed to live lives and to engage in vocations that glorify God. We are persuaded, then, that what God enables us to realize here will advance the cause of God’s kingdom as the truth of Holy Scripture reaches every corner of the globe through men and women in all vocations who above all know God.

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Igniting a
new Reformation

“Reformation Bible College focuses on teaching the content of the Bible, historic Reformed theology, and how we are to apply what we learn in today’s world. Our constant prayer is that God would use this school to train up a new generation of Christian leaders who will ignite a new Reformation.”

– Dr. Keith Mathison,
Professor of Systematic Theology